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The Punch Line

(Dedicated to Danny Cotton, written in the ink of my tears. Find peace brother)


Life so short,

you were a gift

to the world

partially opened, only

somewhat unwrapped.

A Gandhi waiting

for the mic to turn on

you were heard

in the amplifiers of human heart,

felt in the vibration

of friendship.

A tidal wave of reality, shifted

by your presence,

by your loss.

Candles will burn

in your memory, causes will glow

new life, your legacy

a long beam of light.


Today, we will hold

our friends, hug

our moms, gaze

deep into the wizened eyes

of our fathers,

contemplate the deeper meaning

of liberty, democracy, and truth,

of life and passion, of laughter.

Your lifeblood

is life force for a whole

new cause. I am awakened

by your sudden sleep, I am listening

now more than ever

to your silent voice. I will dedicate

this poem, to your memory

write the next poem

to your legacy, as I try to do you some honor

carrying your banner, lighting myself

in your laughing true passion,

walking into the darkness.


The joy of God,

it is said, is a life

truly lived in

passion. Your life is God’s joy.

Smile, wherever you are,

yours is the best punch line

delivered. You made a joke

of death, by a life

well lived.




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